eCommerce Development for B2B and Magento Websites

eCommerce Development Business to Business Trade Websites

Business to business websites differ enormously from consumer websites. Your online trade customers are looking for a much more business-like approach, not so much gloss but more function.

For a start the website must be developed to make repeat business extremely simple. Business to business customers will want functionality such as starting an order and adding to it over time, placing the order at the point they need the products on the list.

They will want to the ability to quickly place the same order(s) again in the future. Have favourite products already loaded in their own unique home page and easily access their invoices and see their available credit limit displayed so they know how much credit is available.

For business to business customers, you may also have features you require. Different prices for customers who spend more, free or chargeable delivery based on order size. The ability to freeze orders if there are unpaid invoices or the customer’s credit limit is reached.

As a company we have built many business to business websites. We have a wealth of experience that we can share with you to shortcut the process of choosing the right functionality for your trade website. Call us now or use the form below for advice on setting up or migrating your business to business e-commerce shop.

Your first e-commerce business to business website

If you are setting up your first website to sell to trade customers it makes sense to talk to a company that knows and understand what trade customers are looking for. We have many existing customers who are manufacturers or distributors selling to the trade. This knowledge acquired over the last 18 years is invaluable and is available to be shared with you.

We will simplify the process and help you choose the right functionality for your target customers. Call us now to find out more.

Replacing an existing business to business e-commerce website

If you have an e-commerce business to business website already then you will have built up valuable experience of your own. You will know what additional functionality your clients require. We have a set of tools to help you implement additional functionality either in your existing platform or by replacing your current platform with a more suitable tool.

We will use our knowledge and experience to work with you to increase customer loyalty and share insight from other customers, we know what works well and what might hold back sales.

Call us now, we are here to help.

Integrating your business to business e-commerce website

For businesses with an established trade website the next step can often be improving efficiency and opening up even more functionality to your customers. Here at Fusionsoft we provide systems integration. We have our own tool that has proven invaluable to many of our customers. Weblinc, is just that, it links functionality from your back office systems out to your website.

Weblinc connects to your ERP, accounting and CRM applications allowing a two-way communication between them and your website. By opening up some of your back office functionality and allowing trade customers to self-serve provides significant cost savings for your business. In return, it also gives end customers more access to help them process orders quicker and more often.

Call us now to find out how integrating your website into your back office systems will make your website more cost-efficient and drive down costs.

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