Gecko Jewellery Integrated Magento Website

Magento Development with ERP Integration

CLIENT NAME: Gecko Jewellery

BUSINESS TYPE: International Jewellery Manufacturer & Distributor


SERVICES PROVIDED: Manufacture & Distribution of High-Quality Jewellery Products

WEBSITE TECHNOLOGY USED: Magento 2 website Integrated to System 21 ERP using Weblinc

CLIENT BACKGROUND: Gecko Jewellery manufacture and distribute both their own brand products and other manufacturers branded Jewellery.

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Build a fully automated Magento, Business to Business, Trade website, integrated with the System 21 ERP system.

Using our Weblinc middleware application we integrated Magento with Gecko’s ERP system, this provides full automation of the website. Orders placed on the website are posted within the ERP system, each individual trade customer only sees their specific prices, orders are managed via the ERP system so that no human intervention is required until the order is printed in the warehouse requiring packing and shipping.

CLIENT BENEFITS: Fully automated website provides huge benefits to businesses. As well as the benefits of a highly functional Magento website, Weblinc adds further benefits as it delivers fast processing of web transactions, no manual re-entry of trade orders, Weblinc posts the order directly into the ERP system, taking care of the whole life of the order. Weblinc provides an automated solution that requires no human intervention, it takes care of processes usually handled by staff, electronically, now, only the warehouse staff are required to pick, pack and despatch website orders.

Weblinc integrates with many popular ERP systems including SAP, should the client decide to change their ERP system in the future Weblinc will be able to integrate to the new ERP application providing a seamless transition.

CLIENT FEEDBACK: We were extremely pleased with the solution provided, previously order taken on the website had to be manually re-entered into the ERP system, which took time and there were opportunities for data transfer errors. Weblinc has eradicated these errors and freed up staff time for more important work.

Chloe Web Marketing – Gecko Jewellery