Magento Website Design to Attract Customers

Your eCommerce website is your shop window. It takes only a few seconds to walk past most shop fronts, and research has indicated the average time a new visitor spends on a website they haven’t visited before is around 4 seconds. Now you have learned that, we want you to call us on 01895 255 633 with your online shop conception so we can deliver a website design and delivery schedule. No time for a chat today? Send a quick message via our Contact Form and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

We all make judgements based on lots of subliminal information and if you don’t impress someone within these four seconds then you’re losing potential revenue and a new customer.

Think of a day when you’ve been working hard and you’ve missed lunch, or heading out to a late lunch with a rumbling tummy. In the few seconds it takes you to walk past your local sandwich shop, your brain takes in countless amounts of data:

The guy making the sandwiches is sneezing; none of the staff are wearing hats to protect the food from their hair  Another staff member is handling delivery boxes whilst wearing food preparation gloves  Two tables by the window are stained with dried coffee; the window sill features a few dead flies

So, how hungry are you? You’ll probably walk on to the next food shop! We make decisions like this every day, and most are subtle subliminal pointers that help us with our decision making and are instantaneous online.

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Ecommerce Website Design To Attract and Retain Business

The same principles apply to websites, if a user has a poor impression he or she is going to walk right by to the next website and they may not even know why, there was just something about the website and it was too subtle to quite put a finger on it.
Offering a cheap competitive price is not enough in the 21st century: you need to create a good impression in an instant. The website needs to demonstrate solid quality and trust. As most visitors are unlikely to know your company or brand, they’ll make a decision about your company based entirely on what they see on your website, as well as reading reviews on Google, TrustPilot or other online review sites.
To capture the attention of any visitors, you need:

  • A visually pleasing, smart and professional design
  • Something that will grab the users attention – a catchy sales call to action, a special offer or benefit (Free UK shipping) etc
  • Content that is well written, relevant, meaningful and highly informative
  • Photographs and professional images that are of a high standard A menu structure that is clean and easy to navigate throughout website and shop categories

Passing visitors decide within 4 seconds whether to stay on your website or to move on – impress don’t digress.

Professional Website Agency Designers UK

If your website has been cobbled together by a friend, or someone who ‘knows a bit of HTML’, or maybe you built your own website, it may be fine, however, if you are not selling much on the website and your bounce rate is high, you will need to think again.
The chances are, your design is not doing you any favours. Your competitors’ websites are quality websites designed by professionals who understand how to portray a powerful image for their businesses, the website will be reliable and above all have impact, it will look trustworthy and encourage users to stay.
Their websites are also likely to have been professionally written by a copywriter who understands how to capture people’s attention, nurture an enquiry and sell the benefits of their products and services – all in a few paragraphs.
And finally, the website will have been designed to take the user down a predetermined conversion path; the website will have been designed to convert the visitors into customers. So, if you want to attract quality visitors, make sure that you have a quality web design. If you want to convert traffic into customers make sure you have a solid conversion path.
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