Magento WordPress Themes versus Bespoke Design


When your Magento or WordPress website is being built, it will either be built from scratch with a design that is bespoke to you, or made using a pre-made theme.


Of course, when you have a bespoke website design, this means that it will be unique to you and not used by any other websites. Using a Magento or WordPress Theme means that there will be other websites with identical, or a very similar look and feel to your website.


Bespoke Design


Having a bespoke design does come with lots of benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the pros & cons below:



  • Complex functionality or integration between services
  • Better performance if your site is likely to be high in traffic.
  • The identity of your business will be consistent throughout the site and will ensure an overall positive user experience.
  • You will have total control of your online presence, from design to functionality
  • The developer will make sure your website works and looks good with different types of browsers, including mobile and tablet devices.
  • You should have support at your fingertips if urgent changes need to be made



  • It can often take much longer to build
  • The cost will be significantly higher than a template theme
  • May also require ongoing specialised maintenance



Template Themes


Magento and WordPress Themes are customisable to some degree but there are limitations, plus if you customise the theme significantly you will rack up costs quickly. Here are some of the pros & cons to consider:



  • The design is already built therefore the development time is greatly reduced
  • Generally cheaper a basic theme can start from as little as $200
  • Can be managed via a CMS system by you (reduced outsourcing costs)
  • Overall much lower development cost for the whole website



  • Limitations on how much the design can be altered making make quick stylistic changes across the site more difficult.
  • The functionality of the layout and navigation may not be suited to the purpose of the site
  • Template themes may be built using substandard and outdated code, this will depend on when the theme was originally built. This can have a negative effect on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Inconsistency in branding and overall identity of your business if certain parts of the design cannot be changed
  • The bulk of theme developers are based in the Far-East, USA and Eastern Europe, which can make communication and support timescale a real challenge



Ultimately, your budget and timeframe will dictate whether a bespoke website or customisable theme is best for you. However, the results that you get with a bespoke website design are usually well worth the investment as you will end up with a site that looks and operates exactly as you would like it to.


Around 80% of all WordPress and Magento websites are built on themes.