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In 2018 there is an increasing need for mobile-first websites (clear Google SEO benefits) and voice optimisation over mobile, reviewing your ecommerce platform is an essential component to remaining competitive.

If you’re not already using it, Magento 2 eCommerce as your website then it could be the ideal platform for you. For free Magento 2 and eCommerce business advice call 01895 255 633 to discuss your selling needs, or send a message via our Contact Form.

With a latest Magento release, Magento 2.2 delivers exciting new capabilities and provides opportunities for ecommerce companies to grow. With enhanced security features and improved Business to business (B2B) functionality, Magento 2.2 promises to become an indispensable tool for entrepreneurs who want to save time, reduce costs and succeed in the B2B ecommerce sector.

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Let’s take a look at what you should consider when evaluating an upgrade from Magento 1 or a migration from Wordpress, Shopify or other eCommerce selling platform:

Magento 2 Extensions – Powerful and Intuitive

An ecommerce platform is only as good as the extensions you use with them so an important consideration for upgrading to Magento 2 are your extension requirements. Magento 2 has a huge database of extensions available already and partner Magento agencies are releasing new Magento 2 extensions every day.

Amazon Integration with One Click Purchasing

A particular extension we’re really excited about this year is Magento 2’s one click purchasing feature. Similar to the feature Amazon has been dominating with over a decade, out of all the ecommerce platforms Magento 2 is the only platform currently offering the one-click checkout feature as standard.

Instant purchasing is provides returning customers with the ability to skip checkout steps using previously stored payment information. Shortening the time it takes to place an order by over 90%, this is especially relevant for those seeking to drive impulse sales and focus on mobile sales.

With mobile-first design more important than ever for SEO in 2018, it makes sense to optimize your ecommerce platform for mobile too.

Increase Your Business Sales and Conversions

There aren’t any ecommerce platforms that scale to your business the way Magento 2 does. Growing your ecommerce business is made simple through Magento 2, as it can easily handle enterprise-level traffic for rapidly-growing merchants. The platform offers faster loading times, with increased optimization, and the ability to manage high peak traffic.

Cache improvements in Magento 2.2 specifically have accelerated HTTP processes for users and in turn speed up site load times. Load times are an essential factor to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of your ecommerce site. A delay of even one second for page load times can reduce conversions by 7%.

Improved B2B Functionality

B2B merchants will be interested to hear the ways in which Magento 2 is more suited than ever for their business needs.  Allowing B2B customers and merchants to monitor quotes, the independent account management capabilities allow corporate buyers to manage all quotes in one place.

Since 93% of B2B buyers prefer to purchase online direct from vendors, the powerful tools created for B2B vendors in Magento 2.2 make it an ideal ecommerce platform for those seeking to grow their B2B sales.

Fraud Protection

The more successful your ecommerce business, the higher the risk of fraud. This unfortunate fact is something Magento 2 combats with direct integration to Signifyd.  Beyond identifying and rejecting fraud attempts, Signifyd also offers 100% chargeback protection allowing higher order acceptance rates with lower risk. Read the original article

Fast, Friction-Free Purchasing

With quick order forms, requisition lists, and easy reordering, Magento 2.2 promotes fast and friction-free purchasing. Merchants can now add multiple products to their cart with the Quick Order Extension  and  can search for products on the site with the help of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) or a CVS import function. Also, requisition lists are now available (in addition to native wish lists) which allows customers to create lists of frequently purchased products for easy reordering. Merchants can set up as many lists as needed and assign lists to specific buyers.

Performance Improvements

Optimized performance and deployment processes minimizes production downtime. Compared to Magento’s previous versions, 2.2 comes with many performance improvements including better optimization of the indexer, cart, and cache, allowing customers and developers to make the most out of them.

Magento 2.2 also offers a performance toolkit. From the performance toolkit, it’s possible to visualize profiles by a vast range of variables. Merchants can either use predefined settings or create new presets from scratch.

Improved Built-in B2B Functionality

Magento has long claimed its crown in ecommerce development, and now with the release of version 2.2, its position will solidify even further. If your company is targeting the B2B marketplace, here are the major benefits of Magento 2.2:

  • Independent account management allows corporate buyers to manage their own accounts. This helps companies reduce costs, easily view and manage all their quotes, as well as having the ability to assign their buyers to specific roles.
  • Magento 2.2 allows B2B customers and merchants request and monitor quotes until they are finalized. This will help in building customer relations and buyer relationships in the future.
  • There are many options of payment, and for the credit option specifically, Magento 2.2 allows merchants to set different credit limits for different companies and adjust the options as per their convenience.
  • It provides the ability to easily create company specific product pricing and catalogues, and
  • Merchants can configure, manage and monitor the credit purchasing conditions for their B2B customers Source

Facebook Integration Sell via Social Extensions

The new version of Magento comes with a Magento Social extension. This extension creates a connection between your store and your companies’ Facebook page allows integration of your product catalog with Facebook. Once the Magento Social Extension is integrated, shoppers who click on a product on Facebook will be redirected to the corresponding product page on your website.

Magento 2.2 includes a wealth of new, functional and time saving features that help ecommerce stores capitalize on opportunities and conduct businesses in both B2B and B2C engagements

Custom Magento 2 Development

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