Pricing Policy

Pricing Policy

e-commerce web design and social media marketing Pricing Policy

This website is not an e-commerce website, there are no payment facilities on this website.

Prices provided on this website are indicative prices, they are provided as a guide to the likely cost of a service that we provide. On making an enquiry to Fusionsoft for a service or product we will provide you with a quotation or estimate, prices for the services that meet your specific needs.

Fusionsoft will contact all customers and provide a quotation or an estimate of all the services and products that we provide. You will be requested to formally accept any quotation or estimate provided, including agreeing to any specific terms and conditions supplied with our quotation or estimate. Where no terms and conditions are supplied then the terms and conditions published on this website will prevail.

Fusionsoft will not publish misleading prices on this website; we will, to the best of our ability, provide prices as close as possible to the indicative charges displayed for a product or service on this website.

If you are in doubt regarding any price mentioned on this website, please use the “contact us” form on this website to raise your concern.

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