Website Ecommerce Design – What Questions To Ask an Agency

Let’s face it, when you Google search for “Website eCommerce developers UK” or even drilled down a little more refined with your local geographical area such as “Website Design Agency Sandhurst” you will see thousands of results in Google Maps and Google search.

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Ecommerce Search Phrases – Sell Effectively Online

Let’s use the example above, if you Google the search phrase “Website Design Agency Sandhurst” you will see that Fusionsoft is at the top of Google Maps.

Consideration 1: What phrases / products do you want clients to search for in Google to serve your website in the search results?

Once you have drafted up a list of search phrases, take time to search and see who your competitors are .. remember if you are just starting out with a brand new website you will be at a disadvantage of the older domains that were launched a year ago. Looking at the competition in Google search you can compare successful websites on page 1 to yours, why are they more successful than your website?

Now it’s time to find a web agency who can help not only with design and development, the implementation of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is essential to knock a competitor off Google page 1 and replace it with your website.

Consideration 2: What Questions Should I Be Asking?

As part of any procurement process when your looking to start a business or researching a plumber or builder to do repairs on your house you would always look for examples of the work they have completed, check out online reviews and get quotes off at least 3 companies. These same principles apply when you are looking to invest in a new website and which agency you are happy to spend your hard earned money with.

What type of website does your business need?

Before you start researching which website design agencies you would like to shortlist, ask yourself the question what type of website does my business need?”.

Within the web design industry their are many terms and industry specific jargon used to describe which type of website is best for your business, which are listed below:

  • Brochure style website – Lots of images and graphics
  • eCommerce website – Effectively an internet store
  • Custom development website – Bespoke coding with specific features
  • Mobile responsive website – in 2019 this is essential. Also request HTTPS as Google likes websites that are secure
  • Content management system (CMS) such as Magento, Wordpress, Shopify

By learning to understand exactly what type of website your business needs, you can now ensure your shortlisted web agencies offer the required services and may already be specialists in your sector. Check out our Client Portfolio.

How to search for eCommerce website design agencies

Being able to choose the right supplier for you means having a good variety of relevant companies to shortlist, searching in Google as advised earlier in this blog post. Whilst browsing through the search results (SERPs – Search Results Pages) and viewing specific agency websites, remember to consider all of the following questions:

  • Assess their own digital presence – what page of Google is their website on when you search online? Is it page 1?
  • Research their services – Do you know what ERP Integration is for example? Do you know exactly what you require?
  • Experience – What year was the company established? Can you find key staff members on LinkedIn or as authors of articles?
  • Quality of work – Testimonials and documented case studies. Check whether these websites are still live and thriving.
  • Specialist sectors of work – From selling online, to providing specialist services UK Nationwide, in which areas do you require assistance?
  • Research what type of work they do by looking for portfolios and previous design elements.

An agencies’ portfolio is its main shop window, so pay good attention, considering their portfolio and look for work that relates to your project and target industry.

Ask For A Cost Proposal For Your Website Project

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Before You Go – Here’s a Cheat Sheet of Computer Tips

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