WordPress Website Design and Development for Ice and Snow Systems


Ice and Snow Systems


Provision of Scandinavian Designed Ice & Snow Melting Systems


Provision of products and services for the installation and maintenance of Scandinavian designed ice and snow melting systems.




Ice and snow systems are part of the Heatmat group of companies, they are the UK's leading provider of Ice & Snow melting systems. The bespoke systems theyoffer are the best defence against winter weather.


Ice & Snow Systems came to us to resolve issues with their MODx website, their supplier had built a website that had several bugs within it, which caused the website to become unstable. The site had several security issues.

Initially we repaired and maintained the MODx website, however, we were experiencing issues caused by the hosting company, who’s technology was failing and putting the website at risk.

Along with the Heatmat website, we agreed to move the website on to our hosting, whilst doing this the customer decided that they wanted a new design, therefore we decided to move the website to WordPress, which is supported by a secure Web Application firewall, which provides the highest level of protection from hackers.

Today we provide support and maintenance for the website, which is fully monitored and protected.

WordPress website designed and development for Ice and Snow Systems


The customer now has a super reliable website, great support, all of which provides his customers with the best available website to search and purchase all of their underfloor heating products.


Fusionsoft's team had worked on the maintenance of our two websites previously and this year we decided to move these sites over from MODX to Wordpress. Fusionsoft worked hard to ensure that this was a smooth transition and incorporated a number of improvements to our sites that we requested as well as providing sound advice on how we could tailor them to work as efficiently as possible. We are now a number of months down the line from the initial migration and the sites remain stable, easy for us to modify ourselves and Fusionsoft are always on hand with additional support when required.

I have no hesitation in recommending their excellent technical skills and customer service.

Dave Green - Director